Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter

The winter season is well and truly upon us, which can mean long battles with colds and flu symptoms. By taking extra care now, you can help boost your immune system, protect your family and avoid any drawn out illnesses. We have put together a list of tips to help you make the most of your winter:


1. Stock up on fruit and veg
Winter is a great time to get the slow-cooker out and create some hearty veg-packed stews and casseroles ready for when you return from a long Sunday ramble. Blend up vegetable soups or throw together a warm salad for office lunches and add chopped banana and apple to your porridge for a morning boost.
2. Avoid comfort eating
Poor diet choices can lead to excess weight gain and impact on the body’s immune system, making it harder for your body to fight or recover from any illnesses. It may be tempting to get through the dark evenings with a big bar of your favourite chocolate, but if you feel a craving try eating a piece of fruit instead, which should satisfy your sweet tooth.
3. Catch up on sleep
Sleep deprivation can contribute of all kinds of ailments, so make sure you get a full night’s sleep every day. Our bodies naturally want to hibernate more in the winter, so enjoy a lie-in at the weekends and stick to an early night routine during the week.
4. Take supplements
Vitamins A and B12 are great for boosting your immune system, while Echinacea and vitamin C will help to ward off colds. If your body is missing the sunlight, stock up on vitamin D to help improve your mood and energy levels.
5. Exercise
While it’s great to catch up on sleep, make sure you get moving while you are awake. Exercise helps to control weight and improve any symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder while also keeping your immune system in shape. Take long walks at the weekend or check out your local ice skating venue; Puxton Park Skating Rink in Weston-super-Mare is great for family days out!
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Posted by Brian Skidmore
14th November 2016

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