Top Tips for Cleaning Your Sofa

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No doubt your tables, floors and shelves get a regular clean – but what about the sofa? The most frequently used piece of furniture in the home can become a magnet for dirt, dust and stains, but instead of calling in expensive professional cleaners, check out these top sofa cleaning tips;


Identify the material

Whether you have a leather, corduroy, linen, or cotton sofa, each material will require different care. If you are unsure, search for a label to help you ascertain what kind of fabric you’re dealing with.

W – sofa can be washed with water

SW – sofa can be washed with water or solvent cleaner

S – sofa can be washed with solvent cleaner

X – sofa cannot be washed, only use a vacuum cleaner


Give it a surface clean

Take all of the cushions off of the sofa and, using the upholstery attachment on the hoover, vacuum the folds, crevices and corners to remove food debris and dust. Look out for any nice chunks of change! If you are working with a delicate fabric such as silk and linen, make sure the hoover is set to a low suction to avoid tearing or ripping the fabric. Go over the whole sofa in horizontal overlapping strokes, particularly if the sofa is made from suede, chenille, velvet or corduroy. Clean out dust from button tufts by using a can of compressed air, usually used to clean keyboards.


Removing spot stains

Always use a white towel or sponge to remove stains as you do not want any colour to run into the fabric of the sofa. Choose a cleaner based on the fabric of your sofa, if you are not sure, carry out a spot test on a hidden part of the fabric to avoid damaging the material. Check out this video for ways to remove any stubborn stains from the fabric of your sofa.


Eliminating odours  

Unpleasant odours can easily and cheaply be removed thanks to the amazing deodorising properties of baking soda! Sprinkle your sofa with the powder, leave for half an hour and vacuum up. You can repeat this for any particularly stubborn smells, or even add a drop of essential oil to the baking soda before applying, though be careful not to stain the fabric.


Cleaning leather

Cleaning leather is a bit different to cleaning fabric. This great video shows you how you can use baking soda to clean up dirty white leather seats, you can also use gentle soap and a slightly damp cloth to achieve the same effect.


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
16th January 2017

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