Designing a Room Around a Signature Piece

What is a signature piece?

Every now and again, a piece of furniture grabs your full attention and demands that you invest in it at once. Whether it’s a statement bed frame or a boldly patterned sofa, as soon as you see it, you know that it perfectly encapsulates your personality and style. This is known as a signature piece, an item which gives your room an injection of your charisma along with that all-important wow factor. Signature pieces can be furniture, artwork or fabrics which create focal points in a room and help to set the tone for conveying your home’s character.


Choosing your signature item

You may already have that signature item stowed away or it could still be on the shop floor waiting for you to rescue it. You may not have even found that perfect piece yet, but once you do, you will know about it! However, if you struggle with making that final selection, it’s a good idea to make sure the piece is useful so that it doesn’t sit around collecting dust and getting in the way. Ensure the sofa you are ogling is comfortable or that the table you are lusting after seats enough people. Pick something you love looking at, such as a colourful light fitting or a large mirror.


Creating a theme for your room may also give you the inspiration you need, for example basing your selections around a country farmhouse style may lead you to finding the perfect statement shabby chic dining table. Look at collector’s items, vintage designer pieces, beautifully handcrafted items and heirloom quality builds. This way you can be sure that you will get years of use from your beautiful new item.


Designing the rest of the room

Now that you’ve made your choice it’s time to start building the rest of the room around your item. Everyone is different when it comes to personal taste, but there are some tips which may help when it comes to finishing your project;


  • Shape

If your signature piece has an interesting shape or geometry to it, try to replicate that elsewhere in the room to tie it together. For example, if you have selected a curved coffee table look at picking up on that shape in wallpapers or fabrics to echo it around the room.

  • Size

Large signature pieces such as huge bed frames and extended dining tables can overwhelm a crowded room. Look at reducing the amount of furniture in that room so that your signature piece has space to shine. Conversely, smaller items, such as an ornate lamp, may need framing with other complementary pieces such as a side table.

  • Style

The rule book for sticking to one style has been thrown out of the window. Blending styles is very popular these days and it is very common to see opulent antique items perched beautifully next to contemporary pieces. You may have selected a 1960’s armchair as your signature piece but you do not have to design the entire room in a mid-century style for it to fit in. Create a mood board on Pinterest of your favourite designs and look for ways to blend them together.

  • Colour

The colour of your favourite item can help you to create the entire scheme for the room. If your new piece of furniture is multi-coloured, keep the rest of the room more muted so that the piece stands out. Alternatively, take one or two of your favourite colours from the item for the walls and fabrics, so that the piece ties in with the rest of the room.


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
7th March 2017

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