Bachelor Pad Essentials

While some bachelor pads may evoke thoughts of sports memorabilia and untidy spaces, more and more single men are proving that style is a key component of the perfect bachelor pad. From colour schemes to furniture styles, there are a myriad of ways to create spaces that are handsome, elegant warm and welcoming.   

Avoiding clichés is an important step in creating the perfect bachelor pad. They can quickly become dated, meaning that a carefully decorated room will need a re-vamp in a short space of time. Sticking to classic materials such as glass and solid wood will mean your furniture will stand the test of time.

When it comes to picking the perfect sofa, it has to be leather. This durable material not only lasts forever but will also fit seamlessly into any self-respecting man flat. Be careful when choosing the colour, however, as black leather sofas in a bachelor pad can be a no-no. Choosing a sofa in a warm chestnut brown makes a room look traditional, yet contemporary at the same time.  



Parker Knoll Canterbury


For a high-end touch, investing in mid-century modern inspired pieces is a sure-fire way to create masculine style in any space. Combining wood with chrome accents produces a style which translates well into a bachelor pad. Bookshelves and coffee tables can be used as focal points, adding a warm, welcoming feeling to the home, as well as helping to keep the place tidy.




Jual BS200 Bookcase


Unusual decorative items will bring personality to a room, but remember to use them sparingly. Too many framed football shirts and novelty items will make any pad look tacky and uncared for, so keep your selections classy and minimal. A safe bet is to stick with metal, solid wood and glass as they will all retain their style over time.




Dinosaur Skeleton


One of the most important features in any bachelor pad is the entertainment centre. But rather than having the TV as the main feature in a room, try to make it blend in with the rest of the furniture when it is not in use. Classic, simple designs will help to minimise focus on the TV, helping to make it look like a stylish piece of furniture. 



Jual BS200 Collection


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
13th March 2017

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