A Guide to Buying A New Bed for National Bed Month

Did you know that March is officially National Bed Month?

This annual awareness campaign helps to shine a spotlight on the importance of quality beds for getting a good night’s sleep. A good bed should provide the correct support, comfort and space to help reduce the amount of times that you wake or are disturbed by your partner.

Getting the right amount of sleep is key to maintaining good health and general well-being, so making sure you have the right bed is super important. Research indicates that sleeping on a new medium-firm mattress can help reduce stress levels, headaches, back pains and irritability. Mattresses tend to need replacing every 5-10 years to maintain optimum levels of comfort and support.


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Unsure if you need to replace your bed? It’s a good idea to get a new one if:

  • The mattress is sagging, or shows signs of wear and tear
  • You wake up with stiffness/pains
  • You get a better night’s sleep in a different bed  
  • The mattress is more than 6 years old


If you are finding that you aren’t sleeping as well as you used to, or that the quality of your sleep is not great, it is probably time to replace your mattress. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to think about:

  • Whether you prefer firm, soft or medium mattresses
  • If you would rather memory foam, pocket springs or a combination of both
  • The dimensions of the bed
  • What kind of bed base works best
  • How easy it is to care for your new mattress/bed frame
  • The kind of style you would like in your room
  • Ease of assembly
  • Whether you have allergies to certain materials
  • What to do with your old one 
  • If your new bed comes with a warranty
  • How often the mattress will need turning
  • Investing in mattress protection
  • Whether you want a headboard


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
21st March 2017

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