How to Feng Shui Your Living Room

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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese system of laws which aim to provide balance and flow to the energy (chi) in a space. Developed over 3,000 years ago, the practice is based on the idea that the interior of our home is a reflection of our inner selves. The purpose of feng shui is to align your environment with who you are so that you are in harmony with your surroundings and are more able to achieve your ambitions.

To bring feng shui into your living room, it’s important to arrange the furniture in a way that allows the energy in your home to flow freely. This will help to improve the ambience in your home and transform your lifestyle. So, how do you bring feng shui to your living room? 

  • Less is more 
    Decluttering is usually the top of most people’s lists when it comes to sprucing up the home, but it is particularly effective for creating good feng shui. Remove any objects or pieces of furniture which are of no value or use in the space to enable energy to move freely.


  • Fresh air
    Keep the room ventilated with fresh, good quality air, which not only has health benefits but is also the foundation of good feng shui energy. If you are not able to open your windows regularly, invest in an aromatherapy diffuser which will fill the room with the scent of essential oils.


  • Let there be light
    We all know that natural light helps to make a room feel more welcoming, but if your living room has small windows or does not allow much in, hang some mirrors to bounce as much light around the room as possible. In the evenings, place floor lamps and table lights around the space to bring a layered effect instead of relying on the single ceiling fixture.


  • Use the feng shui bagua map
    The bagua is the energy map of a space. Understanding it is an important element of creating good energy in the living room. This will give you guidance on where to place certain objects and colours within the room to optimise the space and create balance. Your living room needs all five feng shui elements to create harmony and ease of energy flow.


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  • Flow with it
    Look at your space and think about whether water would flow easily around the objects in the room, or whether it would get stuck in certain spaces. This is a helpful way to visualise how energy (chi) will move around your living room. Find a furniture arrangement that allows for the easiest flow around the space.


  • Avoid Sha Chi
    Sha chi is the negative energy that can be created by certain sharp objects and misplaced furniture. Avoid placing sofas underneath windows or hanging pictures with negative emotions or turbulent seas, also try to avoid hanging mirrors where your image can be seen from a doorway.


  • Mirror, mirror
    Mirrors are a great way to bounce light around the room, but they can also be used to reflect beautiful landscapes from outside the window to bring harmony to the space.


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
29th March 2017

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