Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

With the weather hit highs of 23 degrees this weekend, now is the perfect time to throw open the windows and give your home a good spring clean! Even the cleanest of houses accumulate dust and grime over the winter period, so why not spend a day tackling the darkest corners of your home to leave it sparkling and fresh for the new season. We’ve put together a list of our top tips for getting your spring cleaning done this weekend:


  • Start at the top
    The most effective way to clean is to start at the top of a room and work down to make sure any cobwebs and dust are removed.
  • Use homemade cleaners
    If you suffer from hay fever or other allergies, making your own cleaning products is a great way to avoid any reactions or flare-ups. Using baking soda and vinegar recipes can be just as effective as using store-bought products.
  • Beat rugs
    Taking removable floor coverings outside and giving them an airing in the sunshine will help to remove any stale smells accumulated over winter. Take a broom and give them a good beating to shake out any dust and particles the hoover might have missed.
  • Don’t forget the carpets
    Spring is a great time to clean carpets as they can take a while to dry. Use a carpet shampoo or hire a carpet cleaner to remove the built-up dirt, then open the windows to help speed up the drying process.  
  • Seal hard floors
    Applying wax or sealers to hard floors will give them a shine and help them stay protected for another year.
  • Tackle cabinet doors
    Grease from cooking can build up on cabinet doors, particularly if you have been cooking with the windows closed during the winter. Use a cabinet cleaner to remove any grime and leave the cabinets conditioned and moisturised.
  • Make the windows shine
    Let as much sunlight in as possible by cleaning the windows inside and out. A great tip for windows is to clean them when they are not in direct sunlight, as this can leave streaks on the glass. Remember to clean the window frames and vents as these can collect a lot of grime.
  • Freshen curtains
    Net curtains and drapes can collect a lot of dust and pollution, so take them down and run them through the washing machine on a cool wash. Thicker curtains may need taking to the dry cleaners, especially if they are made from a delicate fabric.
  • Clean appliances
    Whether you live in a hard water area or not, all appliances benefit from the occasional deep clean to make them last longer. Use a descaling cleaner on the washing machine, dishwasher, iron and kettle. Deep clean the oven, hob and microwave to remove any built-up grime. Pull everything out of the fridge and wash with warm soapy water, and de-frost the freezer to get it ready for a summer of ice cubes.
  • De-clutter the wardrobes
    Packing away winter clothes and taking a few bags of unused clothing to the charity shop will help you to feel organised and streamlined.
  • Clean duvets and pillows
    Duvets and pillows can get overlooked during the winter months. Take them to the launderette or wash them in the bath and hang them out to dry in the sunshine.  
  • Organise your DVDs and books
    Take everything off the shelves and donate or sell anything you no longer need. Re-organise your shelves and dust them before putting back on the shelf.


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
11th April 2017

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