2017 Interior Design Trend: Texture

Along with Pantone’s colour green, texture is one of 2017’s biggest interior design trends. The feel of furniture adds a powerful depth to any room and means you are not confined to simple visual elements such as line and colour. 

When planning the design of a space, it’s easy to get caught up in the colour scheme and forget about texture. Think about how a piece of furniture feels when you are planning how you would like to decorate. After all, the fundamental sense of touch is not only a powerful way for our brains to gather information about the space we are in, but it can also have a therapeutic effect on us. Surrounding yourself with soft knits, plush velvets, smooth leather and polished wood will not only bring style to your room but may actually have a calming effect on you. 

Mixing textures is a sure-fire way to bring new dimensions to schemes relying on one colour group. Using a neutral or one-colour base allows you to work with a variety of different textured furniture, and means you can make a room as cosy as possible.

G Plan Atlanta 

The sleek and stylish feel of this G Plan leather sofa is the perfect backdrop for contrasting plush cushions or large chunky blankets. The contemporary feel of the design means it would work well in a modern room, though as shown in the picture above, it also works well with a mid-century modern room.

Coxmoor Oak Bench 

Made from solid oak, this Coxmoor wooden bench is perfect for adding rustic charm and texture. Arrange colourful satin cushions or plaid fabrics to bring an extra dimension to this great piece of furniture, which is currently in the sale for just £89! Get yours from our showroom in Weston-super-Mare while stocks last. 

ASPEN Rug by Mastercrafts

It’s easy to overlook the floor when creating your textured space. Chunky, warm rugs with a deep shaggy pile such as this ASPEN rug are the perfect way to bring a cosy depth to your room.


Alstons Modern Collection 

The plush velvet feel of the Camden Snuggler is perfect for curling up with a good book. The texture is inviting and cosy while remaining stylish and modern. Mix it up by pairing it with a brushed metal side table, or rustic wooden furniture to make the textures pop.


Amalfi Glass Table Nest

Glass is a great way to help light bounce around the room while creating the illusion of more space. We adore the smooth feel of these beautiful Amalfi tables, which would perfectly complement rustic wooden lamps or metal vases. These tables are currently available at our showroom in Weston-super-Mare for only £129.

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Posted by Brian Skidmore
9th May 2017

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