How to Create Storage Space in Tiny Homes

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Small homes and apartments can mean a whole host of storage problems. Reducing possessions is one way to solve the problem, but thinking creatively about a space can improve the amount of storage available. We take a look at some of the best tips for creating storage space in tiny homes.

Think vertically.
Using the empty space above kitchen cabinets is one way of maximising your storage. While it may be hard to reach, having a set of steps handy will help you overcome this. Only keep items which are rarely used in this space to reduce the amount of times you need to access it. Clearly label them so you can see the contents without reaching up to rummage around to find what you are looking for. 

High shelves in the lounge or dining areas provide space to store books as well as deceiving the eye into thinking the room is larger. 

Doors are great for creating extra storage
, hanging toys and towels behind them in neat baskets and bags will keep your space tidy and provide you with somewhere to put items. Use the back of kitchen doors to hang produce or tea towels so that you can free up the worktop space. 

Maximise space underneath the stairs
by adding a small worktop, shelving or seating area. Think creatively about where to add shelving and extra storage, such as around doorways and in recesses. 

Invest in lots of heavy duty hooks
and hang them all over the kitchen, hallway and bedrooms. These will provide excellent storage for hats, coats, cups, saucepans, and utensils, freeing up cupboard space and reducing the need for clunky coat stands in the hallway. It’s also possible to hang baskets from strong hooks, providing you with storage for toiletries in the bathroom or spices and sauces in the kitchen. 

Be clever with furniture
, choose pieces which can be folded away when not in use, such as gate leg tables, or items which have more than one purpose, such as storage ottomans. Sofa beds also provide a great way of doubling up furniture use, particularly for homes which do not have a guest room, while divan beds provide the master bedroom with plenty of storage space for linen, towels and clothing. 

If you are looking for help finding the perfect storage solutions for your home, pop in to our showroom in Weston-super-Mare or drop us a line on 01934 513740 to speak to our experienced, knowledgeable staff. They will provide you with support and dedicated assistance to help you find the perfect storage for your home. 

Posted by Brian Skidmore
13th June 2017

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