Top Tips for a Clean Mattress

We all know the importance of flipping the mattress every now and again, but did you know how important it is to clean your bed surface as well? Our mattresses can become sponges for pollen, sweat, and oils, and if you are unlucky enough you could even find a bed bug or two lurking in its creases. Don’t worry too much though, if you adopt a regular mattress cleaning habit these problems can be minimised and, in some cases, completely avoided. 

It might sound obvious but before you start cleaning you need to strip the bed and wash your sheets on the hottest setting that their labels allow as this will deodorise them and remove any unwanted visitors. Tumble drying them on a hot setting will kill any remaining dust mites loitering in the threads. 

  • Hoover the surface
    Dig out the upholstery attachment and get to work hoovering the surfaces of the mattress. Start at one end and methodically work your way to the other to make sure you have covered every inch of the surface. 
  • Deodorise it
    To remove any musty smells, you need to head to your kitchen cupboard and grab some baking soda. Lightly sprinkle a layer all over the surface and gently rub in with a small bristle brush. Leave this to work its magic for at least 15 minutes, longer if you have a particularly smelly mattress. 
  • Hoover again
    Once the baking soda has absorbed the smells, oils, and moisture from the top layer of the mattress, it’s time to use the hoover to draw it all out. Use the same technique as before, methodically working your way from one side to the other. 
  • Deal with stains
    There are lots of methods to remove stains, depending on what kind of stains you are dealing with. Remove spot stains with a dilute dish detergent, remembering not to apply too much liquid. For bigger stains, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the area and blot with a clean cloth. For any difficult to remove stains, try applying baking soda after the detergent and leave for several hours. 
  • Turn it over and repeat
    Repeat all the cleaning steps above with the underside of the mattress. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for flipping the mattress, though it is worth remembering that most mattresses need to be turned at least 4 times a year. 
  • Air it
    It’s a good idea to leave your mattress to get some air flowing through it to help remove any remaining moisture and banish any lingering odours. Once you have thoroughly cleaned both sides of the mattress, prop it up against the wall and leave the windows of the room open for as long as possible. Try to do this at least every couple of months. 


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
2nd August 2017

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