Interior Design: Mixing Patterns & Texture

Interior Design: Mixing Patterns & Texture

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One of the easiest ways to make a room look as though it was finished by an interior designer is to combine unusual patterns and textures. Though it might look easy, there are definitely ways to get this trend wrong, so try to keep these tips in mind next time you fancy giving your home a makeover: 

Stick to a colour scheme

Mixing patterns and textures that share the same colour palette is the easiest way to bring this trend into the home. Blend big, bold patterns with smaller, more detailed ones to maximise the monotone effect. You can also pair mixed patterns containing similar colours with neutral textures for a more laid-back approach.   


Use a feature wall

Feature walls can look dated if using block colours, so keep it fresh with a statement pattern. Use big, bold, and bright designs so that you can use smaller pieces to bring more emphasis to the style. Creating a focus on the one wall provides you with the perfect canvas for adding accent textures and patterns.


Layer patterns and textures

On larger areas of the room, such as the walls and floor, it’s a good idea to display bigger patterns and layer the look with textured rugs, patterned throws, feathery cushions, and luxurious curtains while making sure not to overwhelm the space. Limiting your patterns to three or four will help to keep it simple and prevent over-clashing.


Use furniture

Patterned upholstery will add another layer of interest to your room, keeping in the same colour scheme will help to unify the room. Check out our great range of sofas to help you bring patterns into your home. This great Alstons Camden Armchair would make a great addition to any pattern inspired room! Available today at our store in Weston-super-Mare.


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
23rd October 2017

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