The Iconic History of Tempur

The Iconic History of Tempur

You might sleep well on your Tempur mattress each night, but did you know that its comfort is all because of NASA?

It’s true! During the early 1970’s, NASA developed a revolutionary pressure-absorbing material to provide maximum support to astronauts during liftoff. Temperature sensitive and designed to evenly distribute weight, this material later became known as memory foam and was released by NASA scientists to the general public in the 1980s. 

Scientists at Swedish company Fagerdala World Foams and Danish company Dan-Foam took the material and continued its development. After nearly a decade, the Tempur mattress was complete and was released to the public in 1991 to a resounding success.

Now providing support and comfort in over 96 countries worldwide, Tempur has since had to expand into North America, constructing an R&D and engineering centre in Duffield, Virginia and a fabrication plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The original research and development factory in Denmark has been expanded considerably to support the increasing demand for Tempur products.

Tempur now offers a wide range of pillows, headboards, and cushions. Their scientists continue to work on the ground-breaking material to this day, constantly refining and improving it to provide their customers with the ultimate product. 

To try out a wide range of Tempur mattresses and products, head to our showroom in Weston-super-Mare or drop us a line on 01934 513740 to speak to our experienced, knowledgeable staff. They will provide you with support and dedicated assistance to help you find the perfect Tempur mattress for your home. 

Posted by Brian Skidmore
13th November 2017

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