4 Easy Ways to Have a Homemade Christmas

4 Easy Ways to Have a Homemade Christmas

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Christmas doesn’t have to be a season of spending excess, in fact, with a little bit of thought and effort you can create a truly magical Christmas using your own crafting skills! 

So, if you are worried about hitting the high street with a strict budget and a limited amount of time to have everything done by, why not get the whole family involved and create your own handmade Christmas from the luxury of your own living room? 

Try these fun and unique Christmas ideas to save yourself time and money this festive season:

 1. Design your own cards

Instead of buying cards this year, get the children involved in designing and making some festive greeting cards. A great way to add a personalised touch to your Christmas and keep them busy at the same time! Use glitter, broken bits of tinsel, photo collages – whatever you can find and let their imaginations run wild!

 2. Create a unique and reusable advent calendar

Ok, so having a chocolate advent calendar is top of many people’s wish lists, but making an original and reusable calendar means you have something you can bring out every year. Find a branch in your local park and hang the days of the month on it, removing each one as you countdown to Christmas. 

 3. Follow festive recipes

Everyone loves receiving food and drinks at Christmas, so why not get festive in the kitchen this year and give consumables made with your own hands. Festive hot chocolates, Christmas cakes, flavoured vodkas, and infused olive oils are all simple and easy gifts for friends and family.

 4. Make a wreath

Wreaths can get quite expensive, so save a few pennies by creating your own door ornament this year. Wrap foliage, baubles, tinsel and fairy lights around an old coat hanger to bring festive cheer to your doorstep this season!


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Posted by Brian Skidmore
13th December 2017

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