9th October 2017

Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn

Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn

Have you put the heating on yet? We certainly have! The cosiest time of the year is back and we can’t wait to start creating a warm and inviting space to come home to after a long autumn day, changes in the season are the perfect time to get creative with the interior while preparing the exterior for the colder, wetter months.

1. Tend to the chimney
If you are lucky enough to have a roaring fireplace for the family to gather around during the colder months, make sure the chimney has been professionally cleaned and cleared to avoid any chimney fires.

2. Get the boiler serviced
The last thing you need when temperatures hit rock bottom is for the boiler to give up the ghost. Arrange for your gas company to come and service the boiler before you start using it every day so that you can rest assured knowing that it is operating at its best for the coming months.

3. Check the gutters
We might have had a lovely summer, but that won’t have stopped debris collecting in the gutters and preventing water from flowing through them properly. Arrange for a professional gutter cleaning service or take a ladder and check them yourself to ensure that they are clear and ready to manage the wetter weather.   

4. Create a home scent
Nothing quite beats arriving home after a long commute in the rain, but creating a personalised home scent to greet you as you walk through the front door might just make it that much more perfect.

5. Invest in rugs
Let’s face it, who wants to walk on cold floors with bare feet! Rugs are much cheaper than carpets, and you can update your look whenever you want.

6. Stock up on candles
Be prepared for any power outages with a stock of candles. You can also save on your electricity bill by having a cosy candlelit evening once a week. 

7. Get your duvet cleaned
Before you switch your duvet over, take it out of storage and nip to the launderette to give it a spruce up for the coming months.

8. Organise your hallway
Muddy boots, panicked school runs, overflowing book bags; the hallway gets the most traffic in the house. Install labelled coat pegs and a designated area for each person’s shoes to keep it as orderly and stress-free as possible.

9. Update the sofa
Autumn means spending lots of time on the sofa getting cosy and keeping warm, so now is a great time to update yours!

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