7th August 2017

2017 Interior Design Solution: Faux Materials

There is a fine line between timeless and trendy. Up until this century, faux materials and finishes tended to walk that fine line, with most of the results falling firmly in the trendy category. Anyone remember the rag-rolled and sponge painted finishes of the 90s? They have not aged well.

However, as technology advanced and design evolved, faux materials and finishes were given a whole new lease of life. Materials such as engineered quartz or faux leather are now almost indistinguishable from the original versions and in some cases, are cheaper and more practical. Faux wooden ceiling beams, for example, won’t break the bank or bow like real wood, while engineered quartz can withstand heat and acidic foods better than Carrara marble

Low-maintenance flooring is another advantage of the leap forward in faux technology, with the sticky, unattractive vinyl of the 70s making way for sleek, stylish, timeless designs which are hardwearing and easy to maintain. Timber-look floor tiles are also making a name for themselves as they can be used in difficult areas such as wet rooms. They are also compatible with under-floor heating systems and are a fraction of the cost of real wood flooring. Not to mention that they are more scratch and stain resistant than their real counterparts.

Faux foliage is also making a comeback, but not in the obvious, plastic way that we have been previously used to. Fake grass and plants now look so lifelike they are often mistaken for the real thing, which make them ideal for those looking for low maintenance, cheaper alternative.

With affordable faux solutions upping their game, is no wonder that architectural accents such as embossed brick wall panels and imitation stone counter tops are now increasingly popular choices for home renovations. With more and more budget friendly alternatives available, isn’t it time you upgraded to the latest faux trends?

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