18th August 2017

Creative Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Anyone with an overflowing wardrobe or chaotic cupboards understands the stress caused by piles of mess. Clutter makes it harder to find things, concentrate, organise your thoughts, and generally live an easy life, so why do we insist on keeping so much of it around? 
One study found that we form less of an attachment to our homes and more of an attachment to the possessions we fill it with, which can lead us to clinging on to an overabundance of objects which we feel represent us. Unfortunately, this overabundance can eventually chip away at our well-being, as we begin to feel as though we are drowning in a sea of stuff. 

Luckily, the solution is straightforward, if a little time-consuming. While it can feel slightly daunting to finally tackle the amount of clutter in your home, take comfort in the knowledge that once you start, you will find it difficult to stop. Decluttering has been proven to improve mood, boost concentration, and encourages you to focus on future goals. 

So where do you start? 

  1. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in your home, break the task down. Take one room and concentrate on one area at a time, for example, tackling that drawer of old batteries and takeaway menus that everyone seems to have in the kitchen is a good start. If the drawer isn’t too bad, move on to do the whole room. 
  2. Put every piece of paper that comes into your home through the FF test. If it can’t be filed (bills, statements, important documents) or framed (children’s paintings), it goes in the bin. Invest in a dedicated filing box or system which allows you to put important paperwork away as soon as it arrives, but keeps it easily accessible. 
  3. Be selective about which books you want to keep on your bookshelf. If you’ve read them or have no intention of reading them, think about passing them on to a charity shop or selling them on Amazon so that someone else can have the benefit. Aim to keep 10% of each shelf bare so that you make the most of your decluttering. 
  4. Keep children’s toys in easily accessible baskets or boxes and teach them how to clear up at the end of each day. Donate any toys they do not use to the charity shop or children’s hospital to keep the clutter down. 
  5. Take a merciless approach and fill a bin bag with stacks of old magazines, broken items which have yet to be repaired, old bedding that you no longer use, out of date food, half-finished craft projects, clothes that don’t fit, stockpiles of carrier bags and toiletries you will never use. 
  6. Think about whether each item in your home has a use. If it is ornamental, consider getting rid of it unless it has sentimental value. Anything that collects dust and has no specific purpose is working against your decluttering aims.  

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