7th September 2017

Hacks to Make Moving Home Easy

Taking off and moving to the country might seem like a wonderful idea, but the cycle of packing and organising starts it can soon become a complete nightmare. Unless you’re a minimalist, years of accumulated junk need to be waded through before you can even begin the process of loading precious items into boxes, so the process can feel as though it goes on for months. Then you have an added bonus of living out of suitcases and boxes while the imminent move day arrives, which can be a pretty taxing time. 

With research indicating that moving home is more stressful than going through a divorce, we wanted to help take some of the pain out of your next move by offering you some tips and hacks on how to make life a little bit easier for yourself.

  1. Start in advance. Way in advance
    This can even include collecting boxes and bubble wrap months, even years, before you need to move. Having a horde of packing apparatus will mean you can hit the ground running and save money on buying lots of new boxes when the time comes. Set aside at least 30-60 days before your move to start getting organized to make sure the move day goes smoothly.
  2. Purge, purge, and purge again
    If you’ve only recently done a charity shop trip, the chances are you could probably fit in at least two more before you move. Really analyse everything in your home and decide if it is either sentimental or useful – if it is neither, it needs to go. Set up a car boot sale to get rid of nicknacks, sell clothes on eBay or list any large unwanted items on Gumtree for local collection.

  3. Create a room by room inventory
    Go through each room and make a list of the contents that are being transported. This will help to organise your thoughts and make sure nothing gets lost.
  4. Ensure you have the right transportation
    It might seem obvious, but there’s nothing worse than waiting for the van to arrive and finding out it isn’t big enough. Double check with the transportation company that you have definitely got the right size for the number of items you are looking to move.

  5. Label everything
    Once everything is in boxes, it is difficult to know what is inside so make sure you properly label each box with the contents to avoid breakages and make unpacking easier at the other end.

  6. Invest in a good packing tape dispenser
    Trying to cut packing tape with scissors or your teeth is not an advisable or time effective way of packing, grab yourself a good dispenser to make the job that little bit easier.

  7. Use small boxes
    It might seem as though getting the biggest box and filling it to the top is the best way of cleaning a room, but when it comes to lifting that box it suddenly doesn’t seem like such a great idea. Using lots of smaller boxes will help to save your back and make packing them into the van much easier.

  8. Ask for help
    Relying on the van driver to help you load your furniture and items is not a great move, especially if you have a lot of things. Call in favours from friends and family to make sure you have enough hands on deck come moving day.

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