29th January 2018

How to Use Lighting to Create Moods in Your Home

How to Use Lighting to Create Moods in Your Home

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When approaching interior design, whether on a small project or large-scale renovation, lighting is of paramount importance when it comes to the finished product. For both professionals and amateurs alike, it is the lighting positioning and style that performs as a stage to showcase the rest of your hard work. Beyond that, it also directly affects the size and mood of each room. So, next time you decide to freshen your space, why not focus on the lighting to bring drama and change the mood? Here are a few details to assist you when moving on to your next decorating or design project:


Make Spaces Look Bigger 

  • Use multiple light sources at different levels to create an illusion of space, spread it about with ceiling lights, lamps, freestanding lights.
  • Enhance any aspects of a room that make it stand out. If it has high ceilings, suspend lights on long pendants to accentuate that. If you have unique wallpaper or artwork, use direct spotlights to highlight them.
  • Bounce light around the room using mirrors. If you don’t have any mirrors, then you know your next job!


Make Spaces Feel Cosier 

  • Frame an unused wall or corner with a wall light or pendant downlight, furnish with a comfy chair and little coffee table, and you have somewhere nice to snuggle up and read a book!
  • Use soft coloured bulbs, such as creams, off-whites, warm light pinks.
  • Avoid blue lights and fluorescents as they bring a harsh coldness to the room.


Change a Spaces Mood 

  • Use perimeter lighting such as wall uplighters for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • For the reverse effect, focus bright lights in the centre for a more intense atmosphere.
  • Use soft diffused lighting with pastel shades for a room with a mellow mood.
  • Fit dimmer switches where possible. You are then in control of the room's mood and can adjust it in seconds.


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