11th September 2017

How to Care for Wood Furniture


Nothing quite beats the feel and look of solid wood furniture in the home, and provided that you look after it properly, it can last for generations. 

While regular dusting, waxing and polishing help to remove dirt and keep furniture looking great, the residue from polishes and waxes can build up over time, creating a thin layer of film which needs to be removed. So, what is the best way to care for wooden furniture? 


Frequent dusting is one of the best ways to quickly and efficiently remove dirt and grime. It is best to use clean, soft cloths or a feather duster to list and remove dust. To prevent the dust from scattering into the air and back onto the furniture, lightly spritz the duster with some water so that it attracts the particles and effectively removes them.  Feather dusters, lambs-wool dusters, lint-free cloths and terry towels are readily available in most supermarkets and are perfect for dusting wooden furniture as they are designed not to scratch the surface. Dust the furniture at least once a week to avoid build-up of dirt. 

Light Cleaning

A light cleaning of the surface with a weak solution of gentle dish soap and water helps to lift and remove any dirt which has become lodged in the grain of the wood. Dip a soft cloth into the solution, wring the cloth to remove any excess water and wipe along the grain of the wood. Avoid using all-purpose cleaning sprays as these can leave a residue which can be tricky to remove. Aim to carry out a light cleaning of the wood at least once a month.

Deep Cleaning

For old or antique furniture, years’ worth of dirt and grime will require more of a deep clean. Soak a soft cloth in a solution of oil soap and water and work along the grain of the wood to remove the build-up. If you feel that the piece is still dirty, take some #0000 steel wool and dip into a specialist wood cleaning product, gently working along the grain of the wood to avoid scratching the surface. You may want to deep clean all wooden furniture at least once a year to keep them looking fresh and clean. 


Finally, you will need to protect the wood. Using furniture oils will help to condition the piece, but will not offer much in the way of protection for the wood. Most commercial furniture polishes contain silicone oil which offers some protection to the surface, while clear furniture waxes provide a long-lasting finish as well as long-lasting protection. Apply a spoonful of wax to the surface and gently rub into the wood in circular motions. Wipe the excess wax from the surface with a clean cloth and then buff to a shine.  

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